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Pastor's Corner

Pastor David and Cathy

Having served the Lord in church administration, music, youth ministries and teaching; Pastor David, as he likes to be called, answered the call to preach in 1980. He began serving as an evangelist preaching in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Louisana, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. He served as pastor of Missionary Holiness Church in Chesapeake, VA. from 1988 to 1991. He and Cathy "pioneered" a new work and pastored Living Faith Evangelical Church in Elizabeth City, N.C. from 1995 to 2002.

While currently serving as the senior pastor of First Evangelical Methodist Church, Rev. Hayes preaches revivals in conference and has crossed over cultural barriers preaching in churches of different ethnic origin.

Pastor David was born in Roseburg, OR on February 2, 1949. His early life was spent in San Antonio, Texas, east Tennessee and Norfolk, VA. He attended VA Tech 1967 to 1970, majoring in Building Construction. 2008 graduate from John Wesley College with a BA in Pastoral Ministeries and minor in Biblical Thelogy. He served in United States Army from 1970 to 1972 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Pastor David's Credentials:
Ordained in the Fundamental Pentecostal Assembly - 1980
Ordained in the International Pentecostal Church of Christ - 1988
Ordained Elder in the Evangelical Methodist Church - 1997
Approved Evangelical Methodist Church Conference Evangelist - 2003
Serves on the General Board of World Mission - 2006
Serves on the General Board of Finance - 2008
Director of the EMC Builders - co-ordinating volunteers in church building programs

Sister Cathy is the ideal pastor's wife. She is the president of the Evangelistic Methodist Women in our church and serves as the Atlantic District EMW secretary and treasurer. She is active in visitation, teaching and even does a little preaching!
Sister Cathy and I are enjoying pastoring one of the best churches in the EMC. As we see the Holy Spirit moving in our services, blessing souls and changing lives, we are encouraged that this year God will present us new challenges and directions for the future. We anxiously look ahead for what the Lord has for us. We, as a church, must be willing to cooperate with the leading of the Spirit if we are to realize our potential for the kingdom.
I must remind the church that ministry opportunities are all around us. We are more than a social club. We are challenged by scripture and the Holy Spirit to carry out the Great Commision of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do not face the challenge without hope, but we are empowered by the Spirit to have an effect on the corner of the world in which we live. In order for a church to minister it must adopt the selfless spirit of Christ instead of selfish spirit worldliness. We must give, not for the purpose of receiving reward, but for the Kingdom of the Lord and joy of being a blessing. Remember the words of the Lord Jesus when He said "it is better to give than to recieve."
We've much to do and too few to do it with! The call of the church has not changed nor will it ever change. The work of the Lord must become (y)our first priority: eventful worship, discipleship of the redeemed and reaching the lost for Christ. Ask not 'what your Lord can do for you, but what can you do for you Lord.'

Ministry opportunities abound around us. We are challenged by the Holy Spirit to, “find a hurt and heal it; find a need and fill it” and by the Lord Jesus Christ himself to: “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, baptizing all who believe in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost".

Pastor David Hayes